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Fire, water, air and earth, the Four Elements site explores the relationship between the elements and native cultures and teachings from around the world.

Sweet Medicine Nation

Sweet Medicine Nation

Sweet Medicine Nation is an gifted artist, educator, singer, author and storyteller who shares her lessons with passion, kindness, eloquence, wisdom, and humor, awakening us to the sacred realities present everywhere. She lectures and conducts workshops worldwide, bridging cultural anthropology and comparative religions symbology.

She is the Founder and Executive Director of Four Winds Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the education and sustainability of Native Ways within our world family. Of Chickasaw/Choctaw descent, Sweet Medicine is honored as an Delegate for the Indigenous Congress of the Americas and is a well respected native healer.


David Carson

David Carson

David Carson is the co-creator of Medicine Cards and author of Making Medicine, A journal Guide for the Medicine Cards. He is a novelist who has written for newspapers, films and social reform publications. Raised in Oklahoma Indian country, David learned from many tribal elders and medicine carriers. He is of Choctaw descent and has lived on various reservations in Montana and Canada.

Margarita Regina García H. Pimentel

Margarita has spent the past 30 years studying and preserving Mexico's intangible cultural heritage, specially the one from Michoacán, the state where she lives. She was an advisor in the area of cultural promotion and artistic pedagogy at the National Fine Arts Institute (Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes) for 17 years. She founded the Cultural Center for holistic and artistic education CEDUCARTI in Morelia Michoacán as well as the non profit: LUNA NUEVA, Promoción Cultural, A.C. Margarita is currently an advisor to the Culture Agency in Michoacán, México and delivers workshops and conferences on ancestral women ceremonias within the "Camino Sagrado de la Mujer", from the Toltec tradition. (Cihuanahualli)

Virginia Sánchez Navarro

Her life has been about bridging polarities and building understanding of the middle path. As a sciologist her fields of work are: gender, environment and north south relationships. As a writer and publisher of the Lunar Planner she offers a tool for planing according to the cycles that rule life on Earth. As a teacher, trainer and a facilitator, she creates programs that have been empowering women for the past 35 years to access, own and manifest Sacredness in womanhood.

Little Buffalo Furlong

Little Buffalo is a White Mountain Apache and Spiritual Leader of the American Indian Movment (AIM), Oregon Chapter. A Sun Dancer and Helper, Singer and Ceremonialist, Little Buffalo lives in Oregon.

Places and Organizations

Deer Haven

Deer Haven

Deer Haven is a multigenerational place of learning and healing located in Central Oregon near the town of Sisters. Sited on 40 acres in the high desert region, Deer Haven is a place to encourage stewardship of the earth by observing traditional, natural ways and the cycles of nature.

In 2004, Deer Haven was designated a cultural heritage site by the Smithsonian Institute and holds artifacts and ancient gathering locations of the native peoples who passed through the area on their migration routes. The site has a ODFW designation by the Land Conservancy for following management guidelines to ensure the deer and other wild life have food, water and shelter.

View a list of protected wildlife and plants

Four Winds Foundation

Four Winds Foundation (a tax-exempt Oregon 501c3 non-profit organization) is dedicated to serving, living and teaching the natural way of the human being and the connection with the Earth, Spirit and our World family. They are committed to sustaining and sharing the ancient ways. Their quest is to provide everyone with access to sacred wisdom teachings - ensuring their powerful contribution and preservation for all time... Visit Website

desert plant

"Sweet Medicine"
An article by Sarah Clark

I live in Portland, a city girl at heart. But for several summers in a row now I have made a journey to a place called Deer Haven. Set against the starkly beautiful Three Sisters Mountains, Deer Haven is a land of Juniper and Sagebrush and red-winged Blackbirds-a land of red dirt, big sky, searing days and freezing nights...More

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