Stories of the Ancients

Ancient people have for centuries left us signs that they were here.
We see that this language of strokes of paint or finger reveal some
of their complex lives, many connected to their relationship with the
water, fire air and earth. Discovering their message holds us still in awe.

Fire, water, air and earth, the Four Elements site explores the relationship between the elements and native cultures and teachings from around the world.


Earth's Medicine

People of long ago, used all that was around them. Many of these plants and animals were called medicines. What we might call artifacts today were tools, for everyday use, long ago. This is Earth's gifts and its medicines.


Home Waters

Water is life. Water is sacred. Preserving our future waters is of primary focus for Sweet Medicine. Over six years she has taken to the streams of Central Oregon with students, teaching the ways of fish habitat and riparian repair.


The Sacred Presence

Cooking, heating, shaping their environment, crafting their hides, dried foodstores: The fire is revered as the presence of the Father Creator.

Journeys: Many Footsteps, Many Lands

Follow the stories and travels of Sweet Medicine Nation in her blog.

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David Carson

The Four Elements

Few people can say they live in balance with the knowledge of the Elements, or carry the understanding of what walking on the Sacred Circle or Wheel means. David Carson is one of these people.


Explore this collection of tools and ceremonial objects used by native peoples.

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